2002 qx maxima

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2002 qx maxima

Сообщение oren » Вт янв 31, 2017 4:41 pm

Hello guys, can be that the answers are in the forum but i don't speak russion language and hope you will be able to help.

I"m living in Israel and just bought a 2002 2.0 QX Maxima in a perfect condiotion and i would like to keep it perfect.

1) Where can i find 2din adaptor for the stereo ?
2) The top desh flip up cabin is broken, where can i buy this part ?
3) where can i buy key shell to renew the car key's ?
4) which oil you recomand ? 5w40 full syntetic or 10w40 half syntetic ?
5) i will be very happy to hear any recomand's from you.

Thank you very much for any help


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2002 qx maxima

Сообщение MVB379 » Вт янв 31, 2017 5:18 pm

Parts look for on eBay, InJapan.10w40 half syntetic


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